BBQ Special Course

Frustrated to grill the same thing on the grill ? You use to starving your beef ribs, you are dreaming of cooking a praline brioche on the barbecue ? You take 2 hours to light your barbecue ?

3 hours of cooking lessons to understand everything and acquire reflexes of super pro.
BBQ cooking has no limits: make all the recipes from starter to dessert. Get tips and tricks to be on top of the latest trends and cooking methods on the grill.

The chefs will give you as many tips and cooking techniques as in a classical class. Cooking to the degree will no longer be a secret for you!
Recipes learned can also be made with other cooking methods at home.

You can enjoy your dishes accompanied by a glass of wine around a table or win them.
All-weather courses.

Apron with a value of 20 € included delivered on the day of the course.


TV show "Ensemble c'est mieux"…

Aurélie, Délicieusement Vôtre's founder, was invited on the France 3 Rhône-Alpes TV show "Ensemble c'est mieux" ("Together it's better") on February 13th. She presented several recipes with persimmon to discover...

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Radio column of RCF in Lyon

Find the bi-monthly column of Aurélie d'Assignies, our chef, every first and third Thursdays of the month at 12:20 pm on Marie Leynaud's show "M comme Midi" on RCF Lyon...

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Market on place Bellecour for Auvergne R…

Aurélie cooks at the Marché du Goût Place Bellecour in October for the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region with the best products from local producers. Mashed potatoes with reblochon and fourme de...

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